Burning Fee and Permit Information

Tropical Leaves

Fee and Permit Information

  • The fee is $10.00 for the season and the fee is exempt for property owners 65 years of age and older.


  • You can print a permit online, fill it out and visit the fire station for payment ($10) and issuing.  You can also visit the fire station during business hours and fill a permit out. 

  • For Agricultural permits ($25), please click HERE.

  • You must follow all the rules and regulations that are listed below.

Rules and Regulations

  1. You can only burn brush and garden trimings only

  2. Burning is allowed only between 10 am and 4 pm.  No fire shall be started after 12 noon and all fire must be extinguished by 4 pm.

  3. The permit holder must call the Fire Department @ 978-649-6661 each day after 9 am for permission to burn that day. 

  4. The fire must not be left unattended and must be at least 75 feet from any structure.

  5. Have available water supply, rakes, shovels, etc. for controlling the fire.

Under all Circumstances the following is prohibited

  1. The burning of grass, hay, leaves, stumps, tires and/or building materials.

  2. Burning of brush, trees, can and/or driftwood from commercial and/or institutional land clearing operations.

  3. Burning at landfills or refuse disposalfacilities other than approved incinerators. 

  4. Large piles that will not readily burn or are of such size that they will not be totally out by 4 pm.

If you have any questions please contact us.