Permit and Certificate fee schedule

A. Black Powder / Gunpowder

1. Residential Permit to purchase and store black powder and gunpowder $10.00
2. Commercial permit to store black powder and gunpowder $25.00

B. Blasting Permits

1. Blasting Permit (Plus Detail) $50.00*

D. Fuel Oil Storage

1. Permit for storage $30.00*

E. Fuel Oil Transport

1. Permit to transport other than approved tank truck $25.00*

F. Occupancy Permit

1. Residential permit under approved building permit $50.00*

G. Smoke Detecotrs

H. Final on Additions and Renovations


I. Oil Burner Permits

1. Permit to install in a new home under an approved building permit $50.00*
2. Permit to replace or alter existing oil burner $30.00*

J. Propane Tanks and Equipment

1. Permit to install propane up to 1,000 gallons $50.00*
2. Permit to install propane tanks over 1,000 gallons $100.00*
3. Permit to install or alter propane equipment $30.00*
4. Permit to install exchange bottle unit $50.00*

K. Underground Tanks

1. Permit to install commercial underground tank $50.00*

2. Permit to remove an underground tank and transport $50.00*

L. Sprinkler

1. Inspection of sprinkler system $50.00*

M. Alarm Inspection

1. Inspection of Alarm system, new or after $50.00*

N. Copy of a Report $10.00


An * indicates if a revisit is warranted, an additional fee will apply.